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Rush Subdivisions Cover

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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Using a first gen Zoom to try and record some quick cheap covers!! We took the drums from an online midi file this time and used EZDrummer to bring the part to life. We recorded the rest of the parts with Cubase synths, Rickenbacker 4001 and Fender Strat through a Marshall valve amp. All sounds are off the DSI Prophet 12. Recorded in Ableton 9 with Focusrite preamps. RUSH Tribute of Subdivisions (minus vocals) with my good friend Brett Stevenson whom I have recorded for in the past. Always fun to do
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(4)# Rush "Subdivisions" Cover/Prophet 12 mp3 Updated 39 hours ago
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(6)# Rush - Subdivisions (Cover) mp3 Updated 50 hours ago
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