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Shift I Know

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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The Slater/K3y combination is a surefire win for anybody in on this whole house&bass movement, and this remix finds Slater both building upon and complementing the original. It manages to merge bassline swagger with acid house vibes and some poppy-as-fuck vocals.
Read more at THUMP: Today we are happy to present our label debut with Ansahs new single "I Know".
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(1)# Shift K3Y - I Know (AC Slater Remix) mp3 Updated 43 hours ago
3.95 MB
(2)# Mp3 Updated 74 hours ago
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(3)# shift key i know mp3 Updated 64 hours ago
2.34 MB
(4)# Speaker Knockerz - All I Know mp3 Updated 44 hours ago
2.74 MB
(5)# Ansah - I Know (Radio Edit) mp3 Updated 84 hours ago
2.79 MB
(6)# Shift key I know remix mp3 Updated 67 hours ago
5.5 MB
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