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King Tut Lyrics

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Let's be honest
I wake up in the morning get shit jumping
She gon' get that D with my thumb in
No Benihana just top ramen
I feel like King TutankhamunUh, pay your homage
Bobby Ray the shaman
Namaste, or something conscious, I promise
Saw this day was coming
Like a plague or something
Hundred nations form a summit
Congress, no hesitation coming
Try to take it from me
Terminator style I'm dumping
Dumping, clip gon' kick back like Liu Kang
Or fucking Johnny Cage
Them hollows graze your stomach
Vomit, everyday or something
Some grenade or something
Someone say that someones bombing the gunman
Propagate and conflicts sway the moral compass
You debate on who done done it
Converse, I'ma stay a slum
It's still segregated proms in the state I'm from
And they still gon' bang you up for an ashtray of crumbs
If a cop could pop you, no indictment
It's obvious the justice system pretty biased
Take your right away like arthritis
The eye of the all seeing irisLet's be honest
I wake up in the morning get shit jumping
She gon' get that D with my thumb in
No Benihana just top ramen
I feel like King TutankhamunLike I'm suffering from ego death
Need no stress, lean on deck, weed on deck
Green thumb, I'm Imhotep
They depopulate you with chemo
They'll steal your breath, beast mode
There ain't no more heroes left
Hercules conflicts all black incognito
Like Ne-Yo at Emo Fest, flip like aikido
Arm the torpedo, I'm armed and I'm reloaded
Three piece tuxedo, I bomb like a G though
Bondage just like a slave or something
That can't awaken from it
We ain't got a thing in common, you common
Minus the sense, keep your eyes on your rent
And them commas modern economics consumption
Summon critics in my comments
A conference of conversations and assumptions, it's constant
Pill's too big to ever stomach, you astonished
I never claimed I'm Nostradamus
The publics intuition mixed with my opinion's
just more confirmation on the subject, don't want it
Pull your card, I'll pull no punches
A monkey wrench in a dysfunction now ml

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Bobby Ray Simmons (born November 15, 1988 in Decatur, Georgia), better known by his stage name B.o.B, is a Grammy Award-nominated American rapper, singer and producer signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Label and Atlantic Records. In 2007 he released his debut EP Eastside, and has since released another EP, 12th Dimension, and five mixtapes. His debut album, B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray, was released in April 2010 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. The first single from the album, Nothin' on You featuring Bruno Mars, peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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