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The Roots Within Lyrics

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The roots have dug themselves deep. Grounded down by the weight of my coated flesh. What is this that I've become? What have I become? A broken man with no regard for this life I sit here and rot behind these broken walls. I use my faith as a simulation, I use it to get me by. I must progress and give everything. I am a slave to the darkness. A slave to myself. I've dug this grave for myself, and day by day its getting deeper. My fingers are worn from trying to surface. I turn to you, this light in my chest. Oh God is it too late to pull me out of this? And then I heard your voice. This is where it ends! I will rise from the ground, from my resting place.


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Fit For A King is a five-piece melodic death metal/metalcore band from Tyler, Texas. They have three full length albums out 'Descendants', 'Creation | Destruction' and "Slave To Nothing". They combine great screams mixed with ear pleasing cleans that really gets you hooked, and some of the sexiest breakdowns known to man,

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