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Welcome To La Lyrics

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This the home of the dodgers
This the home of the lakers
Shout out to the bay
But this the real home of the raiders
Welcome to LA
Where the palm trees sway
But don't you get it twisted
When you come this way
Whoooa - whoooa
Whoooa oh oh oooh
Whoooa oh oh oooh

[Verse 1:]
I rep it hard & I throw it up
And they know about it
The king
The city they standing behind me
Like when kobe bryant first got that ring
I mean that 3-1-0 wilmington
Bout to get my body tatted
Slowly blinking smoking blunts
Inked up by my homegirl galie
Compton whats poppin'?
My muthafuckas in watts
Don't know about yo city
But my gees got it on lock
Cops tryna raid the spot
Looking for the scale & rock
Asking who the fuck got
Baking soda in that pot huh?
South gate my second home
Wicho can't believe you gone
I'm at that kokopelli shop
Taking hits from the bong
Inglewood, lynwood, maywood & bell gardens
All my boys indicted
Pray to god you beat them charges
Yeah regardless LA is heartless
We love to start shit
A blunt we spark it
Smokin' bomb no never that garbage
And when I'm gone
Put my soul to rest
On this holy land coast
Where the sun sets


[Verse 2:]
On my way to long beach
To smoke some of that bomb weed
Chill with some of my homies
Don't you exit on that wrong street
Cause they shoot to kill
Yea they shoot to kill
In the streets 4 deep
In that coupe de ville
Murder tape on that whole block
Much love to norwalk
Police - we don't talk
We mob up & it don't stop
Highland park that northeast
Where them soldiers don't sleep
On the curb with a grape swish
And a forty oz. of that o.e
San fernando valley, cali
County of LA
Smokin' the dank
Taken a sip from my drank
Krypto 8-1-8
What's good hollywood?
Party up til i throw up
With my 27 junkie shirt
I'm throwing up my hood
In my woodclass beanie on
Put my cd on
Can't you see I'm blown bitch?
Can't you see I'm blown bitch?
In my lost angelz clothing brand
Let me hold a gram
In LA is where I'm posted at


Don't think I forgot about east LA
Eternal mob
King king... AZ

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King Lil G, born in 1986 and raised in Inglewood, California, started listening to Hip Hop in the early '90s, to artists like Eazy-E, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and RBL Posse. Inspired by their lyrics, beats and style, King Lil G became motivated to write lyrics of his own at the age of 12. He never thought of pursuing music as a career, but while growing up around his two older brothers, whom he saw as role models, King Lil G learned everything he needed to know about surviving in the streets.

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